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The school Year consists of 3 semesters

Semester 1: September through January
Semester 2: February through June
Semester 3: July through August (optional, registration fee will be waived for the students who attended at least 4 lessons during July-August month)


COVID – 19

In case of a lock-down due to COVID-19, the KW School of Music will be closed, and regular lessons will be continued via Skype/Zoom. Lesson times will remain the same.

Payment schedule

KW School of Music will send invoice on 1st of every month for month in advance. Invoice will consist from current balance on students account and balance owing for future month tuition (Example for student starting in September: invoice will be sent for September and October, in October invoice will be sent for November etc.).

Acceptable payment methods 

E-transfer or Credit Card (convenience fee of 3% will be added to all credit card payments).

Invoice will be sent to the student/parent on 1st of the month.


E-transfer or Credit Card payment is due on 15th of the billing month - prepayment for following month.


Please, use our Auto-Pay (Credit Card) system. You can sign up for Auto-Pay in our students’ portal. Auto-Pay will automatically pay invoices on 1st day of the billing month. Receipts will be sent after payments received.


Unpaid invoices after due date (15th of the month) are subject to late payment fee of $10. Students with unpaid balances over 30 days will be automatically discontinued from KW School of Music. An administrative fee of $20 will be charged upon reinstating student to KW School of Music.


Admin / Recital Fee

Annual fee of $30 will be charged at the beginning of the school year or upon registration.


Trial Period

New students are offered a 4-week trial period prior to registering full time. In case of withdrawal within 4-week trial period student will be refunded amount of remaining lessons. Refund will be issued via E-transfer. After the 4-week period the student is considered as fully registered with KW School of Music.


Group Lessons Payment*

Group classes begin in September – November (term 1), December – February (term 2), March – June (term 3).

All fees must be paid in one payment for the full term.

*Please note, there is no refund for missed group classes.

Lesson Time Change
If you wish to make a permanent change in the lesson time due to scheduling conflicts, please notify the Office by sending an Email and consult your teacher for available times.


Preregistration for the next school year private lessons*

Students who are attending July-August lessons (4 lessons minimum):

Payment is due on 15th of the billing month - prepayment for following month.

Registration Fee will be waived ($30).

Students who are NOT attending July-August lessons:

Prepayment for September lessons payment is due on August 15th (for students who are not attending July-August lessons, Registration Fee of $30 will apply on month of July).

Preregistration for the next school year group classes*

Payment is due on July 15th.

*Preregistration is not considered complete until the fees have been received, the lesson time may be re-assigned without notice.

Withdrawal from Lessons 
In case of withdrawal from KW School of Music parent or student should complete the CONTACT FORM before 15th of the month. Minimum 2 weeks’ notice MUST be given prior to discontinuation.

You will be contacted within 24 hours to confirm your discontinuation.

Otherwise, please call KW School of Music at 519-746-3755 and leave a message to confirm your discontinuation.

Once you withdraw, any previously missed classes that have not been made up will be forfeited.


Healthy School Environment, Feeling Sick*

In order to maintain a healthy environment at KW School of Music, we kindly request that you (or your child) not come to the lesson if you feel sick. Please show consideration for other families and the teacher by keeping your child at home when displaying symptoms which could spread illness to others - fever, cough, runny nose or eyes.


*The teacher has a right to cancel lesson if student shows signs of illness, in this case the lesson will not be made-up or refunded.


Code of Conduct 
To ensure a safe and healthy learning environment, the KW School of Music and Art requires students and parents to behave respectfully and considerately while on school premises. Please note that if a student / parent behave disrespectfully, a teacher may exercise the option to stop the lesson. In this event there will be no make-up lesson or refund. Repeated incidents of disrespect may result in a discontinuation of the professional relationship between a student and the KW School of Music and Art.

Music Store
Music lesson tuition fees do not include Music Books and instrument rentals.


Missed Lessons

By Student

Lesson fees include ALL lessons, even in the case of cancellation, illness, forgotten lessons, all “no-shows” and P.D. Days. This missed lesson policy is standard and in conformity with the guidelines prescribed by the Ontario Registered Music Teachers Association.


Students are allowed one (1) cancellation / make-up lesson per semester. Lessons can only be cancelled or rescheduled with at least 24-hours notice from the time of the lesson. Lessons missed with less than 24-hours notice will not be made-up.


Make-up lessons will be offered during the last week of each semester (January 25-31, June 24-30). Please note that we do not apply credit towards future tuition.


Make-up lessons are not conducted during July-August month (Semester 3). No make-up classes will be given in case of missed lessons.

By Teacher
Lesson(s) that are missed due to a teacher's illness or professional obligations will either be taught by a qualified substitute or rescheduled by the teacher. 


Inclement Weather Days

If the Waterloo Region District School Board closes ALL the city schools, then KW School of Music will be closed. Lessons missed due to a School closure, such as a snow day, will be moved to Skype / Zoom lessons. Please note: there are no refunds for cancelled lessons due to inclement weather days.

Missed Group Lessons
Homework assignments will be made available to parents and students from the teacher for missed group lessons. Missed group lessons will not be refunded or rescheduled unless the school or the instructor cancelled the class. KW School of Music reserves the right to cancel any group classes that do not have sufficient enrollment. A full refund will be issued in that event (two students may continue with “semi-private” lessons).



There will be no lessons on the following statutory holidays:

Thanksgiving Monday, Christmas Break, Family Day, March Break, Good Friday and Victoria Day.

Updated January 14th, 2022

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