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Piano Pramberger-PV-110F - SOLD

Piano for sale - It's approximately 20 years old, has couple small scratches (see photos) and will require tuning after moving.

Price $1950, moving extra $150 (approximately)

Similar used pianos are selling at $2700.

More info you can find here:

History of Prambereger:

The origins of Pramberger trace back to Vienna in the early 1800’s when Joseph Johann Pramberger began building pianos under his family name. The company would grow and gain popularity throughout Europe under the direction of successive generations, remaining a family business for many years. The effects of WWII proved too devastating to recover from, so 4th generation family member Anton Pramberger immigrated to the United States to join several cousins and uncles in working for Steinway & Sons. Anton’s son Joseph eventually began working with Steinway as well where he would ultimately spend 30 years, culminating in a position at the executive level. In 1987, Joseph formed his own company, Pramberger Piano Ltd, with his own piano designs, with production taking place in Korea by Young Chang.

Today, Pramberger is owned by Samick, and pianos bearing the Pramberger name are built in Indonesia. Young Chang retained the original Pramberger scale designs, so Samick had to introduce their own designs. Samick currently manufactures Pramberger pianos in three levels of quality; the premium J.P. Pramberger Platinum series, the moderately priced Pramberger Signature series, and the entry-level Pramberger Legacy series.

Please, give us a call if you would like to book viewing of this piano.

Phone 519-746-3755

Please Contact Us for more info or to book a viewing.


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