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Cocert stage


Skill Level:

Basic / Intermediate / Advanced


Ages 6 to unlimited years 

18 $ per 1 hour lesson

Approximately 30 lessons.

Exam in May of the following year.

Your knowledge of music theory will open doors to a world that was previously closed to you. Music theory will help you not only understand music, but will allow you to communicate your musical ideas, and to explore music in ways you have never experienced before. Used correctly, music theory allows you to be literate, and to expand your musical horizon, and to give you a vocabulary and method for doing so. Theory tutoring can help you complete your prerequisite course and give you a head start on you further achievements.

Students will have approx. 30 min of music theory homework to complete each week. Passing theory exams is mandatory for obtaining RCM certificates.


Basic theory level is corresponding with Grade 5 practical piano, Intermediate - with Grade 6, Advance – with Grade 7 and 8. 

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