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Painting Equipments Art class

This course will attempt to develop child’s creative skills in drawing, molding, making collages, etc, combined with music listening and learning basics of music literature and theory.

Mondays, Wednesdays,
and Saturdays
Price: $24 per class
(3 semesters - 12 classes)
Class length 60 min

The objective of this class is to develop children imagination, inventiveness and associative thinking, widen their music horizons and teach them the basics of music rudiments, all of that in a game play.

In between creative parts of the class, when children will be working on different tasks (molding, drawing, etc) and listening to music, there will be a short “active break” giving them an opportunity to release energy.

  • Drawing - learning different techniques: pencil, crayons, gouache, aquarelle, and marker pen.

  • Collages - making collage compositions by using both ready to use materials (pictures, pieces of fabrics, colour papers) and pictures drawn by children themselves.

  • Experimenting with colours - becoming familiar with colour basics and main colours, learning to “feel” the colour spectrum.

  • Molding with play dough.

  • Crafting interesting shapes, characters, creating appliqué works from various materials.

  • Music literature - listening to music miniatures from various music epochs, getting familiar with composers and basic facts of their biography.

  • Introduction to Music Theory Basics – solfeggio (sight-singing by notes).

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